vegetable soups …

I have been asked by people to help them get right ( in shape ) … The issue of what to eat becomes prime urgent so I will over the coming weeks be blessings us with nutrient rich delicious blends for the “palletter’s”, people who like to eat good food that also tastes good, what a concept !Imagine eating good without the subconscious guilt of knowing your wrecking your waste line.  Its not about looks in the ends its about health & most of all balance. The body naturally looks a certain way and behaves a certain way before when treated right, lets do it.  I myself don’t stress food.  I want you to get there too, its a process. Here’s what I had for so called dinner – 1 banana , 1 cup of ground flax, tbs sesame oil, half tbs sea salt , half cut flax peanut butter, tbs  agave nectar 1 ts coconut oil. That’s it I was good –  I don’t trip on food at all. What I will do is, try to find a sweet spot for people who like to feel full & also like density in they’re meals. I think that can be achieved with vegetable soups. I want to make a soup with a base of kale and coconut oil tomatoes sea salt and I cant quite think of something to add to it that will be rich like avocado or beans. I like the fact that soups contain lots of water that will aid in satisfying hunger and aid in digestion. More to come soon. SALUTE !




~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 4, 2012.

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