supremacy of becoming scarce … ( avoiding beef )

I thus conclude my kin, as of now, avoiding BEEF or conflict is superior to meeting it guns ablaze. If one were to meet all  “perceived ” challenge  they would soon find themselves at war in many directions. Even with insects in the garden & the song of birds .  It would become as absurd. I as a studier of  these things have witnessed such types. I shutter , I plee to creation please  spare me such an ending, yes ending, as none who tow this weight can know love, then what is the purpose of being – ENDING.  They require constant means of escape, through the senses & from the senses both.  Let me not be at war with the world as I see. Let me avoid war at all costs, this is not pacifism not in the least. This is supremacy, as the worry of being slain or destruction is not why I am moved.  I am moved by having nothing to prove , nothing to defend or to uphold.  On the contrary, he who wishes to bring war upon us, are they not disturbed ? Do they not wish to bring us into they’re state of f*ed-up-ness by way of fury. It is thus, wise to not be ensnared in such  folly. There is indeed supremacy in eluding the clownsk, as I see.


– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 9, 2012.

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