– ST ( Vessel ) …

The vessel we are born into . This is my vessel. Notice I did not say this was me. A picture can’t define who we are ? Seriously.  Its ill that we can look at someones face and determine how successful they may be.  For example a beautiful girl has really got it easy. If she is nice even more so, still this is not a prerequisite, dudes will tolerate all manner of abuse  from a beautiful girl.  In this vessel I was born in I think is perfect, it allots me a inspiring window into worlds. This is suitable for an observer of things . A writer a emcee a seeker what have you. In this vessel I can notice many things & be outside of them at once. You should adorn your vessel – get it in the best of health. Nourish it with the best of things .Make it at peace with the surroundings & hold no grudges for having been born into it. Hold no grudge to how other react to your vessel, as it is all folly. Become not self righteous because of it, free yourself from the trappings of worry’s all together.  Just flowing from the survival scrolls my kin.


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 10, 2012.

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