am I awakening ( forever starts now ! ) …

…so i’m thinking to myself , FINALLY I have a path that agrees with me completely which is ZEN.  Its now close to  impossible for anything to annoy me for any length of time, ANYTHING. I have no fear of dieing, I mean, there is no such thing as I see. I am mostly in the moment & spontaneous not giving a sh*t .  I can see pass peoples bullsh*t and give them a pass, its only another side of me I reason. I feel always on the brink of discovering the most ridiculous awesomeness, what have I become ? ! At this rate I will soon have all things I desire or wish for, as when the heart is purified many things unfold. My heart is pure & I don’t regret anything. I will only impart this one little morsel, respectfully. Do not WAIT for tomorrow to begin your life as you see fit, start now this very moment. In a moment, a flash you can unfold like the lotus flower. It doesn’t take years of struggle, or toilsome rigor and ceaseless tasks . I swear to you it can happen in 1 blink. Start today, salute .



~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 21, 2012.

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