JASON ( the kid who knocked me out in jr high ) …

…lol so today I run into the kid Jason who sucker punched me in the nose during lunch in Jr high LOL… Should I tell the story or not… Anyway like I said I was blind sided, he didn’t fight me straight up, but I was knocked out cold for a second ( I think :-O ) .  ANYWAY its funny how the same kats you had beef with in school become comrades. I mean this same kid one day ripped my lumberjack shirt because I had it buttoned to the top like back then Mexican gangs rocked them.  I had a lot of beef in school with kids from my hood because I chilled with non blacks too. It wasn’t that I ONLY hung out with Latin’s ( “Hispanics” )  or “Whites” “Islanders”. I just got along with cool kids and I guess some people from my hood felt some kind of way about it. I got story’s, boy do I have story’s, all’s I can say is never ran and never will.

Because of this I was in a lot of fights with   my peers from my neighborhood.  Spent a lot of time in CSI in school  ( not like on tv, more like a holding tank or solitary confinement with others deemed trouble makes in school ) . Which brings up another point.  School is bullsh*t !!! Man, in retrospect, I learned first hand the effects of projections by others. That is to say, others seeing what they wanted and acting on that through ignorance. I was thought to be a “wannabe” . WTF?! I do tend to get along more with immigrants, its the hustle & only because I like culture and a lot NOT all, but a hefty lot of america blacks are on some bullsh*t culturally as in non existent, besides being from Miami its a given,you tend to have friends that run the gamut, true story. I digress tho… 1



~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 22, 2012.

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