F*** man ! Just now talking to a co-worker @ the plantation ( current job) . Dude is letting ignorant people effect his core in the worst way . I’m like James man, you have to confront these people and get across the fact that your not with bullsh*t – in no uncertain terms . Man, I hate that sh*t, because it’s spirit crushing and I know first hand. When I first started here I got the rookie treatment until I dummed out on a fool.  They expect you to either be a gangster or real ignorant kind of redundant I know. Yet again not quote because if you have a gangster persona your accepted you fit the projection as expected. But if your smart or perceived as such your a threat and its open season. Ok game on,  the look on dudes face when I was about to crush him. The thing about it is, certain people will use the simulated conditions of work to reign terror on others. They use the simulated power or favoritism to they’re advantage and most people sort of work within those perimeters almost like defenseless automatons. Forgetting that they can function in full capacity as sovereign beings no matter the context.  Dude is telling me he takes his stress out on his girl and its taxing his relationship with her. Its insane what we will endure from our enemies then take it out on those we hold dear. Its funny because it should be the opposite but we need enemies to define who we are which is also retarded.  This guy james is real religious and that’s exactly his Achilles heel when dealing with these clowns. They know he is trying to uphold some righteous banner and its exploited. All’s I know is if your belief system requires you to endure mental slavery your in trouble, especially HERE  in the Matrix. Oh well, what can be done.

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 23, 2012.

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