the one hundred life ( F yeah ! ) …

keep everything 100 this is real life as in, not a game, what do I mean exactly , I will try to make it plain  . The trivialization of nearly anything meaningful has been so pervasive don’t you think. Love trivia – sex trivia – relationships trivia – family trivia – religion trivia should I even mention politics , really… EVEN LIFE ITSELF has been trivialized . Half heartedness abounds, especially related to love. Thing is, none wants to be hurt so in lieu of this they don’t keep everything 100. People have a ineffectual air about them, so hollow, so freaking hollow. I tell my friends dude, F how she looks does she hit you in the heart. If she doesn’t and your just perusing on looks your playing games and you will loose. Real talk if a girl doesn’t hit you in the heart where your not like wifey material your not keeping it 100 with yourself OR the girl = train wreck . Aren’t there enough disastrous situations on the planet to add your own. I mean think for a second, stop being such a b*tch driven by emotions I convey to them. This is the real thing , as in life, why waste time on foolishness. My friends are sensible enough to say these things to without causing offense. Life is to dam important- I didnt say short I said IMPORTANT to screw up . -SALUTE

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 23, 2012.

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