the quickness of knowing … ( a story ) … i’m at the beach today & I swear to god I was like a kid in the water it was so fun. It was fun for now reason, I mean, whats more EPIC than playing in the water, seriously.  Water is  a magical element to be thoroughly enjoyed – says I the water-IST! Earlier today I accompanied my uncle downtown who is not so savvy using the transit system, he needed  to take care of some business, I’m there.  Of course the Heat mania was getting underway so there was added variables to juggle, like crazy heat fans barking & scarce seating on the metro rail! Later I would even succumb to the frenzy as I am a compelled by excitement.  Right, so later on in the day I go back downtown just to soak in the vibes and of course to hit up the beach! So now back to the beach & i’m like a kid in water  for the first time.  I later beast out at the bars like always, and do some sprinting like always. Anyone looking to get in shape and neglects serious running in the rotation is missing out on epic benefits, I swear it.  Anyway I go to lift a like 100 lb  log block  in the workout area of the bars and some fool is like i’m using that. Then he’s like sorry, sarcastically, and tells me I have to wait . This fool is trying to start some sh*t I perceive this instantly.  I like how dudes think acting “unafraid” of the black guy makes them look powerful, how insecure of a man can you be really? Then him and his  buddy ( “support team” )  start taking loudly in Spanish, i’m reading the tone of the voice as them TRYING to be threatening wtf ? I don’t know if dude knew boxing or what, or mixed martial arts but i’m not going to fight some coward at the beach to look tuff. Its amazing to me how fools want to compete, I don’t start sh*t with anyone but here we go with the dumb sh*t . Anyway I didn’t walk away I did like 15 pullups  as they were talking mumbo jumbo in ghetto-spanish  just to show I wasn’t fazed at all . Then I went back to doing my sprints in the sand like always.  I noticed that I picked up instantly what type of shady characters I was dealing with and left it at that, we have unconscious intelligence that’s worth tapping into, call it intuition 6 sense, vibes, go with them always says I . SALUTE !


– ST




~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 26, 2012.

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