“Believes” WWE Wrestling is REAL ( a study in delusion ) …

what might have happened if some disagreed LOL !? Humans despite it all are very keen when speaking up is potentially life threatening, right ?  The lady @ 11 seconds of the clip EPIC …

..so i’m looking at the Mayweather VS Cotto fight highlights and i’m not unlike the WWE “fanatic” moved to tears. The difference being that of perspective as  boxing IS indeed “REAL”, and not only to me ha ! I’m moved by the warrior aspect of  it, the mental toughness , the training, the respect of the opposition, strategy, quick wittedness etc .  I know many see boxing as violence for entertainment and I understand their line of reasoning at least partly I do. But if I may, in the interest of the science.  When haven’t we as human beings not engaged in ritual combat, it is just as much part of who we are as say, music.  I feel as though athletes of today give sports a bad rap, SOME actually cheapen sports in some sense. Athletes seem like remote control monkeys stoked by groupies and shiny objects to behave. I must admit a lot of semi retarded blokes get into sports. But I maintain that intellect, that is smarts, are just as active in sports in this case boxing, as say solving complex mathematics . If I’ve gone out on a limb, fine,  its true to me dammit! 🙂




~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 2, 2012.

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