Zen Sales ( to sale without selling – no pressure ) …

There’s just something about running a business that’s orgasmic.  You invest your money time brain power into an idea, then in order for it to work you MUST take diligent actions. This awakens the beast in me, everything will fall through if dot A. does not connect with dot B. and so forth. That feeling is euphoric, especially when things go well. On your terms as you so planned it. I love it !


Zen Sales

I hate fitting into  other people schemes, and usually that’s exactly what they are .  A company wants to project a certain “image” so they hire those who fit the mold. There’s a vulnerable period in our late teens & twenties whereby we seek validation & want to fit in be a part of whats seen as “IN”.  Maybe your friend got a job at a cool clothing store, and well, you feel they wont hire you because you don’t quite fit they’re mold. Such is life I have been told I looked too ghetto for a job and that’s just how it is, people and they’re perceptions, what can be done?!

Naturally I am more inclined to running my own sh*t as any sane person would be. Yet I don’t like selling myself out or manipulating people against they’re own best interest.  Which are business wise thought of as the proverbial Achilles Heel to a lot of shrewd stacker’s .  I see it different, there is a unspoken advantage in just plain old integrity in business.  The customer can sense this “intangible” aspect of your business and will respond favorably. Not to come off as moralistic, but on a karmic level it works for me.

Zen sales is to sale without effort. By just being and flowing in the moment. And if that’s not vague enough for you, add to that the notion that like attracts like. No matter where you go people with similar vibrations will be there, and your “job” is to get to them and serve them and they will be the happiest customers of all. I had a lady yesterday tell me she feels like she’s known me forever. She actually prayed that my business prospered and that had abundance.  I’m not religious like that but I will accept any good vibes from where ever they might come from. These are the types of customer’s I like and also she got, I kid you not, about 16 bottle waters from me on the humble.

In zen sales you make your product available visible appealing and important. You present it in a way that does not force a immediate yes or no response ( think fight or flight ) . I give you an example. A group passes by, I say super cold water only a dollar, as I continue walking on. Then I slow down to a halt open the lid of my cooler and you see zephyr hill waters lined up in rows with ice covering them so only the caps of the water bottles are showing. Now if your thirsty there’s no way you can turn down the immediate cure for that UNLESS your retarded – and that’s not your fault –  I don’t judge.

There’s no need to force anything, but you have to project a business acumen as you are indeed in business to make money don’t loose sight of that objective of course , INDEED I practice zen sales ! SALUTE




~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 4, 2012.

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