feign oblivious ? ( what to do ) …

…struck by a lecture of Alan Watts I became greatly taxed. I thought to myself god dammit ! This particular lecture had to do with “castes” ( The system of dividing society into classes ) it was profoundly different than one would gather. That is to say, it had to do with more than “morals” – right and wrong – good and evil . What most gripped me was the part about caste. At once I saw the correlation with my own life! It is unavoidable people are always telling us who we are. Not so much with words but in the way they treat us. It isn’t at all necessary to articulate ones thoughts of another. Simply observe how they are towards that person. How can one become oblivious to this ?!

He went on to speak of those who, having grown tired of the game of castes (placement by society) . Went they’re own way, this is the origin of the term “outcast” . Its true we are constantly being told who we are ! Given a place, the tacit way of this game is inaudible. It quite annoys me to be given a place & being responded to in a limiting way ! F*** this I think, one is immediately given to resign ones self – to basically become a hermit, to rid ones self of all projections.I become deeply annoyed when people start “acting hood” around me . Or becoming on guard, people can be such weirdos ! Upon finding out what neighborhood I was from dude at work though it acceptable to talk vulgarly about woman to me. Another guy uses the phrase MOTHER FUCKER for everything. I noted that this language was reserved for other African Americans never to whites or Hispanics.

Not only do different races project, it is normal among those of the same “caste”. And should you object to being “treated” that way you are given other names, non intended to be flattering. One has to truly evolve pass the way society is. I can’t see how anyone, who knows theses things can operate without a special level of intelligence. More than that some spiritual technology to cleanse ones essence of the residue of caste.

To be spontaneous awake and joyful in the face of these things, becomes the pressing work one finds. SALUTE !




~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 8, 2012.

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