Is life all for not ?! ( everone dies anyway right ? ) …

Diein’ ain’t the sh*t but its pleasant – Biggie Smallz

This question is of interest to me because as it were, I don’t think its really a question of purpose at all.  Life IS life’s meaning as I see it , and if that’s too vague a statement for you hows about – life is for the living ( cool ) ? It’s  a dance, in fact we can look at the human body and recognize it as much. The heart BEAT yes beat, its a rhythm which cause blood to FLOW through the proper channels of the body effortlessly ( effortlessly ). Like in all dances effort soon gets in the way of fluid motion, similarly in life we can call this manifestation “stiffness”, or being stuck in a rut – fair enough. I feel Americans in particular are obsessed with the concept of being normal! That is to say, fitting in. Because being yourself I mean being DIFFERENT is shunned.  Witness this during any election cycle,  for kicks spark a convo with a democrat or a republican supporter and mention how you don’t play politics because its a game of crooks and thieves, watch the reaction LOL .  Its as if you utterd something so abominable that you should be committed.  God man, people take life too seriously, everyone looks like they were in some dam war and haven’t quite made it back cognitively as yet.  So you mean to tell me , the rest of your life you’ll be fighting the echos of your past ?

In movies there is a start middle and end, I think were trying to live with this format when this is real life ! That is to say, the only thing that matters is what you do this very moment ! But NO we feel tied to past events like a film plot not realizing that this is real time and not a reel to reel we are tethered to.  Think of it were all going to die regardless so why live on guard or in  subjugation to some “phantom script”.  Since were all going to die anyway why not say F it i’m living to the fullest not based on FEAR , but on the strength of my  own convictions.   Drop the will to survive , kamikaze through life  !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 9, 2012.

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