pleasure which leads to pain

time and again those who happen upon ( happenstance ) money in short order destroy themselves.  From the onset I’ll like to make a distinction. Being born into money as distinct from a person going  from lack  to having wealth. Here money and wealth have been split, as they are violently different!  Wealth creates money whereas “money” of itself is  only “paper” a symbol.  Therefor having a wealth of ideas it is possible to create which is the precursor to having money. FINALLY as I have digressed ( sorry ) , having a wealth of knowledge it is almost impossible to be without money. Now on to the matter or pleasure let us go , pleasure as it begets pain thus. If you have deadly habits with no means of curtailing them you know what is meant by the title at once  . Your very life becomes in question. A rich man with an addiction to prostitutes. Soon he will be entangled in various webs which astonish those of less means in its folly. Why is he tricking his money away is reasoned, he can have any woman he so chooses. Now were does this lead, in this story the man chances upon a “banger” the epitome, why is she doing this he think’ s ( ironically ) I must have her . He offers to her a  flower encased in glass, torrents of gifts to belong to him only, however now it is she who has the possession, him, and without effort. The compulsion to own another, the folly of reeling another into our arms, these things make for pain.  Heart broken he overcomes by having sex with even prettier high price woman accompanied by a certain emptiness – void.  You can have this story, the point is the non willingness to confront the self for which these desires emanate. Not being able to fulfill desires has a lucky way of making one rethink . Another example, the pleasure of eating, where does this end up ? Either purging or obesity or a mix of them. One should simply eat when hungry and enjoy it thoroughly. Fasting proves this beautifully, one actually taste the flavor in the pallet or dish even greater. Its as if normally we are not even tasting what we are eating just chewing , in so much as the act has become habitual, numbing the taste buds – why taste when we know how it tastes as we are eating.  I’m done here, flown …

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 15, 2012.

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