translation ( reality painter ) …

right, same as a translator paints words from one language into the next. Similarly we create the world by translating certain things we see. We color reality with feelings and actions all because of the way we have translated “happenings”. A beautiful girl ( I love beautiful girls, whats more ) passes by you immediately what happened, you  reference your wiring. Past events, ego,  in a split second all this happens. Now why couldn’t you have just enjoyed her  presence in a world where beauty is threatened, but that’s another story.  And perhaps I am being showy with words but no I am not says the painter ! OK back to the main trail – translation. These things that occur around us are thus painted by our interpretations. It will do us good to actually examine why we paint things in the way we do, I will give examples of what I mean by translating reality, ok ?

my response to seeing certain things the way I paint them.

police = enemy

for a great deal of my life I viewed police as my enemy not for what they really are ( upholders of the peace lol ) . In a way I  gave them power by seeing them as opposite myself rather than a kind of hall monitor like in elementary school. It was almost certain that anyone who was a hall monitor was simply a tattle tale and no one made any noise about it.  Not to personally disparage any law officer personally as I don’t know you ! But police are frankly as it were grown up version of hall monitors. They’re mere existence speaks of un-freedom as they are set about to catch people “wrong doing” . Now still that is no means for viewing them as my enemy, that is to say I don’t become defense around hall monitors I don’t see them as a threat nor should you.  Last week at the beach I was selling bottle waters and so this hall monitor on bike told me I can’t be doing that ( selling water ) lol ? I was like yes sir and I stopped I had made a killing anyway he was mad late, I had already did that ! So much becomes apparent when you see things in a new light, you stop blocking yourself by painting yourself in a corner as it were.  I intend to write about a thousand other things in this post but it ended up as this , so be it . Peace !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 15, 2012.

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