great actors

just as a great actor can take on the role they are playing. That is to saw they become the character, a person who is able to let go of themselves. When we witness this we think, so & so is a great actor how he is able to transform himself into a totally different persona. But somewhere we also imagine them becoming a sort of schizophrenic and loosing who they truly are in the mix of charters. But is there really a self ?  Isn’t it ironic that we see beauty in the ability to become other. Wait one second ! Are we all “trying” to become something greater, better equipped at dealing? Whats holding us back – in this cage or “self”.  Then much can indeed be learned from actors ! Salute

probably the realest acting I have seen. I remember when I first saw this scene – impactful  acting – pardon the violence.

the chic at the light catches his eye he immediately checks for the “jooks” ( is this a setup ) then when he thinks its cool he looks at her again. Then comes the setup, he says cool il’e just hit reverse and bail out , – stuck, no dice … Determined to go out in a blaze he lifts his riddle body out the car yet is so incoherent he mistakes car keys for the heat ( a pistol )  – blood fills the lungs . THE END. Genius sh*t !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 16, 2012.

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