the under current ( things i’m working on in my head writing songs) …

These concepts are taking root from my subconscious .
I was thinking about writing a song about being done. A sort of my work is done on earth song. I thought about my past accomplishments in music. In hip hop respectfully and I thought, its pointless to relive past heights.  We created music that has impacted so many and why go on doing it.  We created , made an impact in our own way and theres no need to persist, thats pretty much the vibe of the song. But to be creative with it is another thing. How does one talk about basically death in a refreshing uplifting manner. These things I ponder …

Also working on a song called “elixirs” in which I describe and prescribe all the natural tonics I mix for energy & relaxation. Its basically a happy song about taking herbs and blending them in ways that bring vibes, if done well it could be the anthem ELIXIRS !

Another idea is a song on the kamasutra vibe , real raw and uncut, taking pleasing the misses to that next level. Its one of those things where the whole business is so saturated that almost anything sounds cliche but that’s exactly what makes it all the more compelling. To bring freshness to the subject matter.

salute !

– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 16, 2012.

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