the universe got us…

artist are b*tches these days right ? NO actually you know what it is, I’m not in the know ( exactly ! ) . One has a faulty sense that his world or the world as one sees it truly represents the totality of whats happening everywhere. This feeling that our world is “the” world makes for “datedness” . As all things are in flux , flowing ever so effortlessly about.  Perhaps this is a setup, and i’m here just laying out a conception where I can ever so lightly inject myself in the center of it as some “true artist”. All I know is I refuse to be scared to speak my mind. I for one am biologically not able to be fake. I’m one of those people who suffers when I go again my will. Its not  guilt, just a debilitating state until resolved – this never happens because it would be the equivalent of “pulling the plug” on ST.  Expect dopeness from my circle we create with no give-a F***-ness everyday .

salute !


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 16, 2012.

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