so today walking with my brother in the rain to PolloTropical I was saying to  him, man, its not even raining that much and the streets are empty. On our way back we meet my uncle in the parking lot of CVS store lol dude was shook to walk from his car to the store entrance because of the rain . And here we had walked a quarter of a mile to get food in the rain lol.  I was about to go into the store to find my uncle until my brother said he’s sitting in the car hahahaha … He couldn’t believe we walked all the way in the rain but it was only light rain when we left & on the way back from anything always seems faster. He tells me he was in the house all day and thought of me, rain hail sleet snow wont stop me, this he said made him leave the house. That was pretty cool to hear because its rare that you hear that you inspire people especially family , like the saying goes familiarity breeds contempt .


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 22, 2012.

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