how does growth happen ?

emotions are but energy aren’t they.  And depending on how they are interpreted have value. Tears of joy are invigorating and healing while tears of sadness denote a somber state.  Tears in both cases however this is worth note. The same exact feeling or action has the complete opposite effect depending on once again – the interpreter. In fact I  would go so far as to assert that pain while an effective alert mechanism for all practical purposes, is only a messenger. Our imaginations go on to paint a graphic illustration of how undesirable of desirable a turn of events may be.  This is very clear to me in weight lifting and exercise. The mind surrenders first, the pain body though in an intense state can carry on most efficiently. Isn’t this exactly what “growth” is.

Reading a book of interest no matter, the urge to be diverted always looms it becomes natural after some time to transmute that impulse into more energy towards the goal of reading.  Growth is transmutation.  Salute !

– St


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 24, 2012.

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