why ( random excursion ) …

why do I ( we )  have a thirst for knowledge and the NEED to share my findings as I go .  I can’t stop so it must be my fate, it is what it is. You know something. I use to get comments at the checkout when a cashier saw all my groceries were perceived to be “healthy”  mostly fruits and vegetables. I went into my spiel  about how an alkaline diet blah blah blah …  Lately I wouldn’t dare share with anyone who didn’t somehow seem genuinely interested in my sharing. I have evolved the ability to  spontaneous reel in  my energy If I feel the vibe to.  I can become a blank and deal with people on a purely mechanical level.  We have a right to not be taxed by nonsense which is in the form of people “trying” to get our negative attention because they have nothing of substance or of interest to share they digress into dumb sh*t.  Reserve the right to reel in and become a blank my friend. Salute !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 24, 2012.

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