I wish there was a way to impart to you – the importance of running in being well rounded in respect to getting in shape. Running is body calibration. Take for example any animal in nature and we can gauge they’re health on how well they run or play, I turn everything into play remember life is a dance.  Distance running widens the chasm  between the truly fit and the superficially fit even more.  There’s a old man that runs the same trail as me every morning.  I remember when he first started. NOW, dude is beast ! He has to be in his mid 60’s and his pace will put 99.9 percent of the others who run/walk the same stretch to shame. Running you see, transforms you, like I said it calibrates your body’s strength by this I mean it puts you back in control . You ever see some walk and its like they’re drunk  – that – the exact opposite ! If I may, and please pardon the vagueness, i’m sure when you run more this will make perfect sense.

After running for some time you will notice that now  walking takes on a new life. You will develop almost complete mastery over your stride you can step with a new accuracy as to almost float on the ground. Your balance becomes such that recovering from slips or abrupt breaks in your stride become instantaneous – cat like.  I’m so steadfast on the benefits or running that I don’t think its possible to be right minus it.  No matter how radical that statement may come across i’m not allowing for exceptions on this one. If that old man in his mid 60’s can beast, so can you wtf… Salute !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 25, 2012.

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