The dance of life and vibrations…

the heart beat YES  a “beat” a rhythm – when I run its like i’m making a beat on the SP1200. My stride and breathe work like the drum and high hat while the heart is like the snare drum.  Once you experience life as a dance so much will be revealed to you. It cant be intellectually imparted to you my kin you have to have that “aha moment” for yourself.  When I started boxing I noticed my boy who was training with us was far more fluid than I was. His progress far exceeded mine because he instinctively took boxing as rhythmic movement not simply technique.  Life itself is a dance , an ebb and flow.  You will find that when you turn any activity you are doing into a rhythmic act – you almost always move with a effortlessness even a timelessness because of it. ..  Vibrations are also beats . When you stretch a waveform out you will notice gaps or ridges in its appearance, these “pulses” constitute modulations or breaks in the sound – depending.  It might be that not “vibeing” with someone has something to do with the fact that you may have less or more rhythm than they – dig that. I digress…

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 25, 2012.

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