Lupe SALUTE ( where if from ) …

we don’t come into this world we are born from this world – Alan Watts

VIDEO BELOW ( wouldnt embed ) …

Sh*t just got real – Lupe nothing but salute mykin . It is not possible to change the world the most we can do is help ourselves and in a round about way the masses. Hospitals Prisons Shools Churches these instutions purport to “help people” ,but we all know what a joke that is.  It can be said that the mere presence of these beacons do not bode well – are on the contrary ill signs. Everybody knows that in the hood especally there’s a church on every corner, any logical person would rightfully  conclude – they’re mere presence suggest dis-ease analogous to a breakout on the face being a sign of sickness like the pox. What can be done? Obviously i’m going to say do great things , transcend. Chances are if your reading this you already did. Now apply that to the hustle. Right, life is a game not to be taken seriously but to be lived fully. Need I remind you what you have seen, NO, so its time you get in shape. not for anything or anyone besides the fact that you know you should.

After I watched this segment above I darted to my park like a mad man and I  killed everything. MEANING – I had a beast session MEANING – I KILLED EVERYTHING. Shadow boxing bars sprinting decline sit ups . You know your in the zone when everyone is watching you and you dont give a sh*t We seen to much to give a F about periphery . You know this.

Let running burn the sorrows into iron will. However avoid making this your goal, just  express who you are totally. I had to throw some ZEN in there. Theres a lot of talk about black males in particular being “bred” during slavery to be physically strong and mentally weak. Don’t ponder such nonsense one second. If you are fortunate enough to have rhythm use it. All life is a beat, a rhythm a dance like I said before.  Use voodoo, use what is feared to your advantage.  With mental science you can imagine then create, is not invention imagination at first.  See yourself winning, flying, becoming great as you are. This planet which is indeed spinning in outer space – unalike so far as I know. And yet how rare is life amid the stars, this is cause for celebration among the quadrillion of random happenings in the galaxy WE exist, make the most of it ! Salute !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 29, 2012.

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