WTF ?! A good story gone wrong …

WTF ?! A good story gone wrong …

Peace, so i’m at the park doing my thizzle –  Some people approached the bars so I broke –  seems like soon as you get there all of a sudden people want to use the bars , amazing.  So I walk to the field and do some sprints until they jet. Anyway there’s a girl at the park bench next to the pullup bars on a laptop I forgot to mention earlier. When I went back to the bars she got my attention and and asked me if I could read ( NEG then IOI )  because she is writing a book and wanted to know my opinion ( she got game right ? ) . I happily agree  I then read like 1 para of her book and indeed it was exceptional work so I gave props why not . We started to chop it up I mentioned that I was working on a book too . She explained that a few publishers were interested in her work of note was cash money records publishing house ( who would have thunk it ) I said cool. I tried to run it down about not looking to be “chosen” or “discovered” in this day and age its far more expedient to do for self. She has her vision and it seems pretty fixed and so it goes… No pressure .

Fast forward a few days shes at the lab ( my house ) and we are building ( talking ) . But its like a completely differant person now. I can’t quite finger it, save for the fact that she seemed mad edgy . My guess is that I was supposed to be trying to smash  but she was fly just didn’t get that feeling to the extent to where i’m going to work for it. Besides I only met her 2-3 days before, tops – I dont know her really. And above all my heart is already taken . Anyway I tell her lets walk around my block its a nice night and on the way back shes talking to some dude on her cell phone. Game recognized, I show indifferance and we chop it up some more before she says she better be leaving ( I didnt question why or  show dissapointment ) .

Anyway so last night I ask her if she was down to come through and record some of her spoken word, as she is nice with the poems I thought why not record her over some of my EPIC  beats. But then I fell asleep when she called to come through. I call her back at like 1 to apologize as I don’t take anyone  for granted and we start to talk – well I dont like to hold conversations over the phone – the tele is logistics. She kept asking me what I did today and I was evasive because it seemed like she was prying. When she was on the tele with dude I didn’t ask questions it was none of my business , so now i’m like wtf ? Then check this – she hung up on me ( game recognized ) I’m good lol …

These things happen when intentions are not clear, I think a lot of doomed to falure situations occur becasue of incongruence in direction more or less. Seriously I just want to see her win – great writer good person  but I wasnt feeling her like that. But since chics get thirsty dudes chasing them all day every, they are bewildered when you show restraint. So word, she hung up the phone on me and it all makes sense if the fact that I showed no concern about her talking to dude on the phone when that night. My guess is that she was showing concern so that she could prime me to ask her more prying questions the next time around , and establish a plot line where i’m always concerned about where shes at and with who, No dice … Wow totally differant vibe a few days later, it be’s like that some times!

– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 6, 2012.

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