Amazing book ( The Inner Athlete ) …

Amazing book ( The Inner Athlete ) …


…reading and just about completed  “The Inner Athlete” Its basically a philosophy book about athletic performance. It was actually written in the 70’s , long before the wave of new age books e.g. way of the peaceful warrior were written ( no disrespect )  . It uses meditation – hypnosis – visualization and typical princaples of  “psychoanalysis” as vehicles in aid of become in todays vernacular A BEAST .  Charts and graphs are used and yet a degree of intrepetation is not over ruled  ( discernment ). As we well know nutrition psychology even biology shouldnt be rigid above all they are all tools – works  in progress for that matter science itself in leu of this understaning T I A walks the line finely ( non-doctrinal ) . Much to my amusement and delight this book is very-very ZEN!!!  That is to say, I can see zen philosophy enterspersed therein. I was doubly struck by with I see as now and for all time the recipe for great work, that is great work in anything – it is cathartic  ,as I see this tiny book as. It transcends its application, in a sneaky way – so a book about cooking say, would ACTUALLY  make you healthier and PLUS  a better person without touting itself as a health book or a book on etiquette expressly. I would go so far as to say that the mind of the athlete is at its highest – spiritual – that is to say, guided by a higher purpose !  Weve all heard the saying that the master swordsman never use it. As his knowledge and wisdom guides him to avoid needless battle – and most interpersonal  difficultys are indeed petty ( emotional ego sh*t ) . Amazingly one who is ready to die wisely lives forever. Figuretively I mean – I mean they never are confronted with pitifull sh*t ( frankly ). In the book 2 differing mental orientations are described and then calibration suggested. I’m going over it in short hand to make this barable for YOU the reader. They are inner and outter orientation. An athlete who is guided  by his or her inner chatter or conversely guided by externals. And to what extent a strict internal or external orientation effects performance . factors such as a death in the family or a booing crowd at the foul line. The concept of psyching out and psyching up was funny as hell to me because day to day you see it. People are ither being psyched out by people – that is to say – people are throwing them off theyre game OR even more corrosive psyching themselves out with a self defeated attitude and you should like this one – psyching themselves up. Making things happen – transcending fear !  I like books like this because beneth it all is the undercurrent of winning and wanting to win. Anything which covertly advocated submissiveness in this society I become nauseated by in short order. Inner Athlete ZEN sh*t ! 


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 7, 2012.

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