Elixirs !!!!!

F that !


Now I see why the “java” ( Origin: from the fact that coffee is grown on the island of Java )  is gratuitous in the work place. Its awaful for your health but something is needed to spur productivity as most would rather be else where. Its amazing which “drugs” get a pass and which are regulated or more widely shunned.  Now i’m no champion of the hard drugs usually refined synthetic – save for LSD . I do agree that in order to function in this day and age you need some sort of elixir in addition to right knowledge. Stimulants without knowledge of self just makes you and addict. Music is a powerful stimulant – I can’t imagine life without it and if someone could invent an almost invisible earbud it would be a wrap ! Everyone at work would be listening to the music that moves them most. While appearing crazy to onlookers as they bop and jult themselves sporadically apparaently for no reason ! Music making the repetition less a matter. I make green tea and I add chia seeds  to it so you know i’m on one. Green tea is relaxing AF and chia gives you super human stamina the result unliminited mental and physical power ( for me it works ) … I have had people ask me what I was drinking they probably think its tonic. But I stay with them elixirs – all day every !


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 7, 2012.

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