Fun by myself !

Fun by myself !

Most people are so on guard. I like to test myself to see how NOT on guarded I am – if at all . I work at a college right. And of course most college kids are in the ego stage. That is to say – i’m a lion out to conquer the world. But they display this mostly physically ( externally ) they havent balaced it yet philosophically. Its like when a toddler sees a toy it likes and says that mine! Then crys if it is not granted the toy no matter whos it is ( a lack of knowledge ) . Similarly these kids behave as if the world is other than themselves. As if they are outside of it and are on course to over take it. So anything in theyre way they see as a threat. Of course you have the kids that opt out but in the interest of this post were talking about the more “matterial” ( if you will ) types.Lets just say i’m seen as a threat by some dudes because of my demeanor. Un shooked-ness, its because I’ve  see so much social dynamics dont intimidate me. Physicality rank name or fame i’m blind too – I respect everyone – franly everyTHING even ants WHY step on the little critter let them be! It wasnt automatic though – I had to work on becoming who I am. Its like the great Bruce Lee said. You never know what discipline a man underwent to become great, you look at his walk his posture ( swag )  and immitate it. Take Muhammad Ali – perfect example. To have had confidence in  his time as a black man – be outspoken and defiant. Its taken for granted the inner journey of greatness. This is indeed peridoxical, because what is so compelling about great people  is that theyre shine seems effortless – to have come natural – non forced. Same way my fitness wasnt granted to me I in accord with certain teachings and discipline walk a certain path. All these things are available to anyone that is what is ment by all is one – all have access to the knowledge. Boundrys are illusion – your neighbor and you both occupy the same plot of land the fence dividing you is only an agreement. We are divided by lack of knowledge vestos !


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 7, 2012.

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