They Scared …

They Scared




I notice that only some people in the corporate setting are ALLOWED through tacid concent to express themselves. While others – the great majority get rebuffed. My solution is to do what the f*uck I want without  asking permission. Sometimes i’m working with people who say repeadidly “lets ask – so and so ” if its ok first. Knowing full well that if they said no to us –  it would mean a infinately more cumbersome job!  Something they want done “the boss” but arent moved to make it easier for us. This is why I roll solo on the plantation I got a few people on my team  who look out without question and vice versa . I’m good with that – thats all really required in the fields. Not being able to experss yourself as a man or woman is slavery. Recently I helped my cousin snag a full time job out there ( I talked to 2 people both were “deciders” ) and i’m happy for my kin he has a lot on his plate – I salute the god. But i’m plotting my escape looking to do something drastic soon F this ! It is unstated but understood ( tacid ) but I feel that in order to come up on the plantation you must be in a position of desperation. You have  to have  a beckoning car note mortgage –  seeds to raise – debts or simply be too old to start anew – they got you then. Now a full time position may be available in my department as sickness and hospital visits has caused a guy to take extended leave and he may retire word is – also word is dude is in bad shape and starting dialysis ( not good when they start playing with your blood ). Repeatidly I tried to get dude to eat healthier for not , some just arent going to change even if it kills them. And sure were all going to die anyway but to be tethered to a dialysis machine in your twilight – that makes sense? What gets me is people think thats NORMAL. You get old sick start visiting hospitals regularly until finally your dead. Now 2 people are candidates for the full time position in my department IF dude retires ( or croaks ) . Myself and this other dude who is friends with the family with “the boss” ( exactly ) . Dude is best friends with her husband infact ( exactly ) . Many people are telling me I should do this or do that preemptively – i’m like yo . I’m not going to war for this bullsh*t – so long as your fate is in the hands of others it is what it is – end of story.    




– ST




~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 7, 2012.

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