The Naraka Worlds ( Babylon ) … COMPLETE POWER

(I didn’t proof read hopefully not too many errors ) 

your tricking ways and fetishes – R&G 

Having all pleasures at your command leads to hell – Take the Ancient Romans for example – they had prostitutes – public baths – slave girls from all over the Mediterranean who would on saturdays be taken to the collosium for entertainment that would indeed outdo everything. Check this – they would have them encircle the coliseum on decorative floats thwy would smile & wave to  the croud throwing flowers about them- when suddenly wild lions would be unleashed into the arean and eat the slave girls alive – and the croud loved it – they got off on it on some saddistic sh*t.


Persuit of pleasure beyone a certain place takes you to what the Buddhist call The Naraka Worlds ( the hells ) . When you have explored pleasure to its full extent the only thing left to derive enjoyment is pain. Its goes above when the preacher says “don’t do bad things” or you’ll wind up in hell . This has to do with not knowing what you want – being lost. That is to say thoughtless presuit of pleasure, this is seen as NORMAL some kats would really F anything that moves think BILLY CLINT – dam near costed dude everything – Nihilistically it doesnt matter but then does anything in that case . We may not see it, but to what end do we persue those things we “enjoy”. God as described by many must be bored AF having total control over everything, we think we want ABSOLUTE POWER but in truth it would mean certain death – or rather a dull life.


I don’t know – maybe your the type that in a relationship wouldnt mind having total power over the other to such an extent that they follow your every whim. But most I think would find such a situation unfulfilling if they were honest . We enjoy the game of love because of the aspect of uncertainty. And ultimately it is the fact that the other does those things for us WILLINGLY as they dont have to – and they enjoy doing them – this brings possibly the most joy of living.

Not having our own personal slave – this again leads to hell. So what is it that we want ? COMPASSION Like I said before –  I think we want to get  joy from helping others without being forced to cohersed into or guilted into it. All else leads to hell indeed … Now in handing over power – that is to say – expose yourself in a way that could lead to betrayl – that is to say – giving from the heart to another you have expanded yourself through that person – hope that makes sense. Salute !


– ST   


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 11, 2012.

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