When i’m out there in the world doing my thing on my time everything my way , I tell you. Best feeling in the world. “Working” for yourself is not “work” its stupid natural. Its a no brainer in other words. I swear once I hit upon the perfect product to move in my hood its a wrap. I am going to shut down everything.

Right now McDonalds seems to get the most traffic like every car that passed by on the way back from the shopping center was eating a burger or vanilla ice cream cone. I know its traditional for black folks to eat ice cream cones after church on sunday, It was something they treated us to as kids I guess to positively reinforce the habit of going to chuch. I see that tradition being carried on today – at a glance…. Some random kat asked me if I sold anything when I was posted up today, on some condescending sh*t MF’s like that reinforce the hustle because MF’s like that are BROKEN and would never make an attempt to become a KING I am pass immunity to the dross. A brother asked me if I was the kat in the backyard with the weights .. Dude asked about building the abs I said that happens in the kitchen man. He said what about sit ups I said it was about jogging and diet only about 10% was sit up for definition. You need a blank canvas first before you can create. This brings me to my deepest contemplations. Now brother Bruce Lee always talked about expressing the full potential of the body as a way of life.


And here in the Matrix the motivations of most people are mostly narcissistic and what can be done. They work on the outer to fill or fix the inner rather than become complete via knowledge of self and simply express that through the physical. That bothers me, I want to work with people who are not on some low self esteem sh*t but want to become beast as a natural expression.  This morning I took a good friend running – we beasted and I think the god is well on his way. I build gods as we express the universe – the body is a temple type sh*t. Salute !


– ST




~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 24, 2012.

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