Look Around …

look around ,,,


We  realize every experience has had a benifit if we are wise both on a practical & spiritual plane.  Every has revelations and everything happens for the better again if we are wise! Lets exagerate and say life is war now who having survived the ravages of war in a relatively peaceful setting wont thrive – even a little out off kilter youll beast. That being said had a few omens this past weeks related to my path. My job on the plantation is to setup for events – so when the girls volleyabll team has a game I set up the nets YES ! And other events on campus I do like graduation. Anyway i’m passing by the weightroom and theres a fitness class out front and this kat is like man you should be teaching this class then this lady leaves the gym sees me and says you should be teaching that class the two not hearing the other say the same thing not seconds ago. Then today at the grocery store  i’m getting questions from a kat about my diet and I notice people standind around listening then I go to my CVS and the kat there is asking me questions about nutrition. I tend to not like answering random questions like that because its like 99 percent of the time they wont use the knowledge ( buy my book MF’ers ! ) . Or rather they want to debate you when your in 100 times better shape than them it gets old fast. But the fact remains that everything happens for the better and I can see the pattern so it goes… Salute !


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 24, 2012.

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