My Crucible ( become like god ) …

My Crucible ( become like god ) …



n   noun

1   a container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures.

2   a situation in which people or things are severely tested, often interacting to produce something new: a relationship forged in the crucible of war.



Middle English: from medieval Latin crucibulum ‘night lamp, crucible’, from Latin crux, cruc- ‘cross’.


Life is problematic we all can agree, I salute all on the path. Obviously we all come to the same end, but does that mean necessarily to NOT enjoy life or live it to its fullest. I figure this to only be had in accord with “a path” or else we live in hells ( plural ) , or worst two hells – thats if  we carry the “eternal fires” of hell  doctrine. Philosophy religion morality ethics even law could be said to be means of making life more clear. The problem has been that  we start to see these means and ways as more important than life itself. We have even been willing to kill others who didnt believe like us in our folly. Today are more sanatized ways of warring – and honselty I wish more would admit the reason they dont like you is because they think you dont belive like them and it causes them unease. But no – we live in a “one hundred-less time” where folks are more concerned with rank than being real and would rather hide behind theyre little beliefs like cowards.


I can recognize my own folly and ego driven aims – yet I can also say I walk a path. I recognize my imperfections and yet I can be proud of my becoming. Who knows what they would be when thrown by a string of unfavorable coincidences.It is with this knowing I row. And furthermore I am constantly seeking ways  to make my life easier and the lives of others as a reflection. Enter – The Crucible ! Its simple, we hope to never be thrown or off center. We hope to never “over think”  something until it causes a feedback loop in our thoughts like a microphone too close to the speakers ( anxiety ) . We should hope, BUT such would imply perfection, and all perfect things are dead. My crucible is where I subject those things that at the time made me angry of anxious. I subject them to my life which is far more powerful than any passing state. My life is unyielding – I would die for my freedom whats more . So in my crucible all problems are melted and become smelt for my weaponry ( dig that )  – they have no prayer. F that throw that sh*t in the crucible my kin – get paper ( $$$$$ )  . Salute !!!


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 24, 2012.

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