subtext being everything …

subtext = undertone agreed upon rules of engagement walk with me as I master the game of life. Whats the score so far, well I made money before , from scratch NIHIL. @ 37 I have the sense of excitement about the present &  future – everyone should, its normal –  we live. Riding my bike yesterday in pants I thought of an invention of a simple clip to cuff your pants so you don’t scrub the crank or chain as you go and wreck your threads ( or you could wear skinny jeans lol )  Ideas just bubble when you focus on cheese. I posted up at my house and moved some plants this week @  5 a wop like nothing.  Had smooth transactions ( cash actions ) … But alas haters, maybe I over reacted buy I had to tell a kat to keep it moving because he kept asking dumb F*ing question while PAYING customers were browsing the goods . Sure i’m on the block but i’m not catering to the dross I cross ( did that rhyme ) . Dude started giving me ADVICE on how to run my sh*t – ok bro..  People imagine dealing with the annoyances of doing for self and they fall back. But wait, on the plantation ( corporate job )  its even worst, firstly your a “ do slave” at least while you fending in the wild your hands aren’t tied so to speak.  So yes I took great umbrage in that kat asking me were my plants free ( note I had 2 signs posted telling my price, clear as day )  and I took even greater pride in telling dude to get lost who could dude report me to ?! The subtext is that WE as a people should expect & except stupidity from others of like hue due to that fact ! – Here the common denominator is pigment F that i’m not fitting into that schema . I’m fighting like a dog to escape the plantation anyone who knocks my hustle will not be met kindly I come to far man. And for the record when I saw the kat headed back from the plaza next to my house I wen’t inside.  Avoid pettiness at all costs rule # uno …  Consider subtext . Peace !


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 13, 2012.

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