visible thoughts – 1 ( FREEDOM ) …

… does freedom only exist in the mind. Why does one see him/herself as “FREE” while another does not. Is it “karma” “fate” “happenstance” ignorance or what – what is it ! How do I behave more freely as I see.  I would like right this instance to be in  Afrika in the mountains , alas I cannot am I still free? A conundrum  …  Anyway a word about running theory if you want to express the human form through running I say be sure to make your heal strike as smooth as possible. This is important , and to also please stride with the least friction as possible YES be like water. A sin to me is a runner who appears stiff as if towing a heavy load. Running is about freedom above all, like swimming on land, see it as swimming not climbing as soaring YES as a dance. The body responds to rhythm. The heart beat the blood circulation the beathe all cyclical thus rhythmic, this is the way.  Peace !


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 13, 2012.

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