most are walking dead …

Most people are eager to hear of another’s problems as they themselves are broken down and hope the next who is undergoing difficult situations has caused them to become defeated by trials & tribulations also how they themselves are, misery loves company… Accusations against others are greeted with great excitement and delight, however unfounded, they are shot of dirty  morphine which briefly livens those walking dead roaches of dross among us. A person who thrives on negativity is mostly dead I say, not that perceived negative events don’t serve a purpose that would be equally false. But to a leaning towards death rather than life is not the way at all – I utterly defy stagnation . Let such experiences when met reveal the substance of the person undergoing them. Let the eager shade, analogous to a salted wound be blown to all hell a trillion pieces of not. Those who move encounter friction, people with nuts ( pardon ) don’t fold if left out in the cold – no doubt. SALUTE !


– ST





~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 21, 2012.

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