“on point” ( THE EPIC ) …

they tried to assassinate me god  like martin on the blacany – COMMON

Yo fam , wtf yo double wtf my kin peep game . The last two weeks I got to see what I was really made of – this colombian chic at work was the “mule” – peep it. She went to HR with her fantasy of me – that I was in the office brace for this sh*t … with my paints down on the phone. What really happened was I got caught in the rain on a saturday working a soccer event in the field and I changed into my run shorts and not on no white boy sh*t either and back up work shirt  as my pants dried in the office while using the phone on break. Since I was the only one scheduled on saturday and besides who comes to the office on an off day unless your a “mule” .  I am the only one working but in comes the “mule” who also works at the college cafeteria on saturdays – the story goes that she was there to ” see something” for the Supervisor ( rite rite ) And on monday i’m chillin at the flat and some urgent mail is delivered via currier – ( i’m off on mondays at the time  ) The same people that are sent out to get you to appear in court by summons signature. I open the envelope like wtf is this sh*t – SON – It said some crazy sh*t like I said the fantasy of this chic of me and it also stated that I  was relieved of duty pending investigation without pay ! That B*TCH !!! So again i’m chillin’ at my abode on some life is good ish – then THIS – last thing on my mind… Little do I know MF’s are plotting on me even on the F*ing weekend – to have that sh*t ready by monday – they were on a mission to knock the god out the box no doubt ( I say “they” intentionally )  . Real spit I got my team on deck family who know the game – the dream team and we won but peep game. Since the mule lied on me – it was what it was ( feel me ) .  Long story shot fam I played the game and peace to the creator because a lot of things played in my favor which I could not even factor in. But I was cognizant of things playing out a certain way and they did exactly. Lets just say it was up to president obama to decide if I staed or got murked, ( now keep in mind that “THEY”  had already posted “my” position online and had started interviewing kats )  – a “person of color ” in a high position above all of them said this is bullsh*t The Dean of the college in fact . I chopped it up with the god like 45 minutes yesterday and real talk was spoken.

So heres the context and subtext of my fun adventure on the plantation . A full time position is likely to open up in the department and everybody wants that sh*t and they’re mom. So they doing they thing –  no heat I can dig it. But I am the most qualified on all levels –  did they anticipate how I would use the system against itself on some Aikido sh*t. They were all visibly shook when I started back work on tuesday and my aura is strong so they shrink in my range anyway . You know what all I can say is knowledge reigns supreme over b*tches all day.  Its not going down like that but lesson learned – stay on point on the plantation or get murked.

On repeat http://www.riseandgrind.com/tag/racism/

– ST


and at the time i’m reading this book called the Gentile art of verbal self defense – nothing is by chance . The book made me aware of what is called a presupposition. Like for instance – if someone said this to you – Even you know that – how would you respond. The supposition is that even your dumb ass knows the answer ( this time )  . Most people get bombarded by supposition at work and come home drained AF not knowing what hit them – I highly recommended that book my kin -salute !

Another one is everyone knows why you  (  fill in the negative trait here )

The supposition is whatever “your deep dark secret that you think no one knows about you”. EVERYBODY knows – the aim is to make you unconfortable and possible act out of character thus proving what ever point they are attempting to make – see how supposition work ?


– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 1, 2012.

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