Appearance ( grown man sh*t ) …

Appearance ( grown man sh*t ) …


Lately I have more than ever started staying sharp. Had a talk with my uncle the other day and he was saying how on the plantation when he got his new position which required more casual dress everything started to change. People started to address him as “sir” more often he also works at a college FIU and he tells me students and faculty alike likely mistake him for  a professor simply because he dons a white button up sh*t now. Seems trivial right ? Well we humans must be trivial AF because appearance is a subconscious determinant on how we perceive others and are perceived among other things. This is no assimilationist rhetoric but walk with me for a sec . When you dress sharp don’t you better express who you are – sharp person smartly fitted. I’m not saying to blow your whole pay check on some threads but my kin we need to be sharp out here not necessarily suit and tie or the equivalent attire for the sistas but sharp. I’m new to the game I know some are more refined and make it look easy and I salute simplicity A couple pair of black or navy blue slacks  a few button up shirts and a couple pairs of black kicks – I rock black on black vans canvas – that’s all. I rock kangol style hats like my dad but I stay with fresh cuts anyway. I feel we need to be representative out here and not like the rap starts of yesteryear when were dam near in our 40’s WTF. SALUTE !


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 2, 2012.

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