exercise as vehicle for enlightenment.

Through rigor I have transformed & too have transcended “form” .There is a certain type of shade casted on people who are into exercise & becoming “the beast”. Lets put aside for now the people who “get swole” for attention and other esteem reasons  . They make up the majority granted, easy kill –  but wait a sec  any “majority” is the dross anyway categorically. What remains are those of us who use exercise as a medium – a meditation a way to express or give thanks for life or even to gain insight into existence itself.  I make a parallel  between the different approaches to enlightenment schools taught by differing  gurus in principle . The Harri Krishna types for example like to dance to express they’re connection to the divine whereas a christian may pray a Hindu may wish to sit in silence or chant oams . Some gurus urge they’re disciples to have a high regard for logical . While a zen master may tell you nothing whatsoever  and order you to sweep the entire monastery until you become enlightened ( wax on wax off ) … My point here is that in life – many paths same goal right ? Self mastery i.e. winning ( more on this soon )  .

So heres how exercise  has changed my life. Firstly – when you shatter your ego, when you murk yourself that is to say – when you exceed what you thought you were physically capabale of and yet continue to better yourself. That is the type of framework you want to shape your life with – that attitude . You want that to be your ethos in every aspect of life from finance to romance no doubt.  I learned that from exercise lifting weights running so forth I learned that  “chemically” –  listen.


One thing is to grasp intellectual these ideals and another thing entirely is to make manifest through action. Sure we all know these things – exceeding limits going beyond the pain , no real revelation there true however – something remarkable occurs when you learn it through every cell and fiber nerve of your being i.e. down to the bones. Intellectual knowledge I salute and  hold in high especally here i.e america. I also  reguard the human body as a “knowledge machine” or better – the universe within – everything without is within i.e. we are a microcosm of the F*ing universe – thats some powerful ish to tap into . And you know what ,  I have half a mind to call out haterism here  – at those who shade physical fitness outright as vein and worldly folly. I suggest those people get off the F*ing couch asap and stop rationalizing away getting in shape and eating better .




– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 2, 2012.

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