my most recent adventures on “the plantation” revisited AGAIN – perhaps something of a travel log is born

You might make me as a thinker by now – to a point. Back in high school a comrade at the time made the retarded prediction that I would wind up mad because of it. Yet this same dude became my clone in the rap game matter of fact – influenced an entire generation of underground emcees in miami hip hop scene of the early & mid 90’s . Last month I was hit up via facebook to do an interview for a foreign magazine regarding this – I will post the article upon release.





that chic. What my friends at work are saying. In summary – she just likes you and since you’re not paying her no mind, she did “something” ( a F*ed up something albeit )  to get your attention. That’s the PG version of what my council is saying – these kat are wild lol . Now it may be no more valid then the false fantasy she when to HR with on the plantation of me that was subsequently refuted for the fancifulness that it was. And by no means am I making light of it but I can’t keep proclaiming my innocence in ever post when the matter surfaces – on some paranoia that “they watching me” it makes for a cumbersome if not boring read. Anyway she went there with a presupposition of a sexual nature. And rather than be combative with me now she is submissive which I can’t front is a turn on – but it was to be expected on some spoils of war go to the victor type ish. Today she said something to me first I did not try to  “interact” with her whatsoever and she didn not look me in the eyes . I was told by a superior that I did not need to “kiss her ass” (end quote)  to make her feel comfortable around me – just squash it and get paper – I was issued that directive by

the HNIC and I salute the god who deaded the whole fiasco – DOUBLE SALUTE . So today I wake up for my AM run and i’m somewhat out of sorts – I had went in the night before writing a deluge  of 6 new articles for the blog got started at around 6 30 PM and when I looked at the time again it was after 1 30 AM so I decided to get some rest . AT the time I was writing about genius and madness and I used Michael Jackson someone we all know as the guinea pig. The aloofness I speak of often happens when you go “in the mind” for any extended period of time. When you return to regular life you have to readjust really. That is why geniuses are sometimes – crazy at the same time and that is why this society is psycho. In order to thrive here you must devote a lot of time to study – you must “go in” or like we said in the 90’s you got to “get open” ( black moon ) those who go in deepest are often times genius but like fish out of water in almost every other aspect besides they’re craft…


This is incomplete hopefully I can finish later on – SALUTE


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 2, 2012.

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