psychology mental health ect … ( to be noraml in hell )

In the land of the blind the man with one eye is the king – NAS


Since a youth I was into psychology even in elementary school. It started out with social studies then from there science and the out doors . I mentioned in the past posts how I was hell on stereo equipment any electronics met a bitter end once I got hold of them – this was common knowledge in my family and they still joke about it to this day at family get togethers – how I use to take things apart. My favorite one is when my uncle tells my aunt “you gone let that boy blow this house up watch what I tell ya” lol . Psychology. Are you insane ? How does one know if they are crazy or not ? To me the answer is in the question. Comparison. In the scientific method you have a “control group” X ( interesting designation aye ?  ) which is the baseline or normative – then you have Y the thing experimented upon identical to the controlgroup at the outset. Findings are parsed on the basis of variation between Y &  X – the norm .But wait – what if X itself were F*ed. That is to say – what if we live in a crazy environemnt like the hood where the norm is whacked being abnormal or “maladapted” can be a blessing . Watch this – you don’t like to get high or you don’t like to trick your pay check off  on the weekend ( and that not only the hood that’s the norm period but the hood we relate too ) so you keep to yourself close your room door when its all going down – your being “anti-social” ! Then on top of that you have to traverse a racist society at large – more F*ed up normalcy- FUN!


Now to adapt to both worlds and win that is the mission – your well on your way  so I salute but theres more – social commentary ahead too. America is a crazy ass place everybody is crazy so psychology can make the maladapted “adapt” like when you see the ( choosing words carefully here ) challanged person is bagging your groceries up – thats about the extent psychology has taken us –  but psychology has yet to produce balanced people because such a “control group” does not exist. Even the psychologist themseleves are twisted so WTF .  To quote the band  the black eye peas where is the MF love ( ST remix ) . So many people are getting married raising families going to church you would think this place is utopia or heaven  with love overflowing and blessings being bestown randomly to strangers right ? No road rage no back stabbing in the work place right – no school shootings right ? NEGATIVE – need more evidence that we live in a crazy ass world – to discern this means you might be a little more sane than average – double salute ! Anyway that is my disgnosis of the problem so naturally I will offer the remedy as I see – drum roll drum roll … … RIGHT KNOWLEDGE – hell yeah knowledge reigns supreme babe every time. I’m saying no matter how maladjusted you think you are its only right considering the circumstances my kin. There is no there there – in other words everyone is functioning in the matrix the best they know how so dont sweat it. I find it amusing when people single someone out who is kind of aquared in social settings – thats real rich right. A group of people who think they are the sh*t – out partying destroying the body temple filling theyre lungs with smoke and being premescious we all know sex has been thorougly commodified here so doing that means nothing – no differant from taking a sh*t – thats all. Tweet “like” share and tumbl . And by no means am I puritanicle if you would please read the post “The Naraka Worlds”  to see where i’m coming from.


I remember I first learned of the mental illness many Afrikans were stricken with called  “draptamain” this psychosis caused our  ancestors to become possesed by some crazy urge to escape the plantation and slavery for which the cure was likely the leather strap or the sisal rope – man str* up F* psychology . Well things are beining to change people are waking up and seeing it for what it really is a means of control like all other religions . The western world  is late by thousands of years related to knowledge of self – the ancients knew the time and some remnants of that knowledge are still present in the far East. My greatest concern is that we the  people may short stop ourselves because of being perceived by the control group as maladapted or an outsider and actually loose our grip on things I hate that reality . Man sh*t is crazy out here and only through proper knowledge can the smoke and mirrors be crossed otherwise were all just sitting ducks and its always duck hunting season here isnt it ? Work on self gain right knowledge – build BUILD then BUILD my opinion . SALUTE


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 2, 2012.

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