recent events on the plantation … ( reverse the game )

Yall steady beggin’ for war but wan’t peace – Vinnie Paz


…so I spoke the other day about what transpired on the plantation recently where my future further employment was in serious question.  I didn’t have time to tell you about how I handled the questions that were inevitable to follow on th plantation. You know news travels fast on the plantation and boy does it evolve – grow wings and fly too !




…that was the  strategy I also used in my response letter to the false allegations . Wherein I accuse the chic of a form of sexual harrasment – I said because of the nature of the allegations she made  and “possibly” prejudace towards african americans ( no brainer ) , while i’m on the subject IF I thought she had anything I would murk her for slander / libel but she works 2 part time jobs man WTF is it worth my time – the court fees ?




When anyone asked me what happened I asked them what had they heard – I then explain that I had been hearing very entertaining accounts of what happened none of which were factual and I wanted to hear they’re version – tables turned they didn’t like that sh*t momentum shifted. I then make a statement like “knowledge reigns supreme” and they would scurry the F off. It was noticable that my haters had no questions whatsoever they only had looks of disapointment on theyre domes which was rich – let that hate give them a ulcer I give a F .


Not suprisingly – it was apparent who wanted me wacked by something so simple as how NOT eager to know my side of the story they were. Of course another  black person wanted to get in my grill with a feigned look of suprise on his face and remark – your still here ? To which I replied why wouldn’t I be – reverse the game once again which made him then have to say ” I heard that… ” and before he could complete the sentence I started to sing I heard it through the grape vine on his house negro champion azz and he broke the F out with his negro wench accomplice ( the campus persidents secertary ) .


Who the F are these people man ? And the next batter up is the lady I wrote about in a  past post where I said that some black woman want to act like your mother at work / on the plantation. Soon as she spots  me she says  “alright now” the presuppositionin her tone said I better be on my best behaviour on the plantation from here on. To which I responded ” if god is with me who can be against me” she is one of those churchy gossiping types quick to get biblical tho – again reverse game.  But she is relentless – her aim seems to be to “humble me” WTF . Her again – on today I hear her coming down the hall talking loud headed my way – i’m in a jam – looking through my backpack my goal is to get out of dodge before she makes it around the corner – FAIL  and you know what she asks me . WTF . Retarded lady : There’s a lot of things in your backpack are you living out of that bag WTF … To which I reply – what do you mean ? Shes the type that will repeat word for word so I say to her without missing a beat ” that’s a very interesting question”  she fell the F back – just walked away – folks are retarded but I got the elixir for that no pressure. One of my favorite lines in the biography of Malcolm x is after he and his buddy rob some houses in a white neighborhood and are subsequently pulled over by white cops.  Malcolm puts on a coon-ish act for the police and pretends that they are lost – the cops  were amused at the “stupid ni**er” being ni**ers and let them go without even searching the car – had they, both malcolm and his fam would have been scard. Malcom X spoke of how being under estimated was an advantage for the negro. And without fail when I talked to the employee relations officer at HR and when I spoke to the dean they both asked me if I were enrolled in classes at the college .  Even when I first got the job in the department the supervisor asked me the same thing. I’m smarter than these people but my money don’t match as yet so I need to fix that asap . Anyway they had me marked as a do-gooder from the beginning and now i’m seen as a trouble maker WTF how rapidly things change. One last interaction with a slave woman I had on today – well on yesterday this spanish lady I never had a singe conversation with had a once again feigned look of surprise( do slaves get the same play book or something ) when she saw me ( this is related to my job – they want it – the kats shes talking to up ahead in the story ) she said “your back” I just looked at her like she was crazy which she is actually – I don’t know that B****. now on today when she sees me shes talking trash with 2 spanish kats and she goes out of her way to speak to me condescendingly asks how am I doing today – please bare in mind that I don’t know this lady from a whole in the wall so she is a snake – I never had one conversation with her – so I look at her ice cold and I say – I don’t know you – in front of the 2 dudes she was blabbering with. I had to be direct with that lady let her know where i’m coming from she thinks she knows me for some reason right ?  While i’m on the plantation which of course i’m plotting my escape from asap I refuse to be murked by these poverty consciousness scarcity hoarding mentality having MF – not in a fair one – i’m god plus knowledge reigns supreme. Its probably not dissimilar for a lot of folks across the nation who don’t fit in . SALUTE !


– ST


To me all this only revealed many characters I promise you I enjoy thoroughly b*tch slapping retarded ass slaves. I am not stressed about it i’m not tense of frustrated i’m a man on a mission so of course there will be challenges but I don’t see them as such they are opportunities to show and prove. IF you want to be great your going to be tested that is not to say that you want to be dealing with peons for ever you want to interact with the dross the least amount possible no question. My one advice if I may my kin is to not make it easy for your haters to get @ you – lesson learned you pay for what you know – real to real. Peace !


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