willing slaves ( amazingly true ) …

There will never be a shortage of slaves I see this now I know this now in my stomach – though it was difficult to digest. Its cut and dry as someone who regards Mc donalds salad as healthy or the olive garden as fine dining – shout out to red lobsters ! There will always be willing slaves. I see this in how unwilling people are to manage they’re own lives . WHAT.IN.THE.F*!


Lets use health which is a current event and a subject I am serios about I will do a post on why . I am amazed at how people want government to provide health care when they can just eat better and exercise to eliminate the majority of causes of death by most americans / ameri-slaves WTF ! No i’m going to harp on this sh*t – its too rich to only extract a few drops of blood from – i’m going to hemorrhage this sh*t . Again you have grown folks ( so called )  “begging” other people to run they’re lives I repeat WTF ! Being healthy is health care WTF ! Now I see how the elites must  feel. Theses people the masses want to be ruled they are actually begging to be our slaves. And the health care initiative I merely use as fodder I have no axe to grind trust me I am not even partaking in the festivities this go round but fret not the majority will indeed dance to that tune as the primary secondary and tertiary means of effecting change ( just play the lotto ). What I will do is read more, study law study business grown as a person – vote for self so to speak. Work on myself and work towards my own personal sovereignty. No doubt most want to be slaves I have barely articulated to what extent I am too flooded with bewilderment by  people –  how  willing to be in perpetual bondage this is sick I don’t f with most people period ! Slavery in full effect 2012 – yes even in 2012 !


Willingly into the volcano

I wrote a verse once where it was an imiginary scenario wherein a mass of  people are lead to the top of an active volcano.  one by one they jump into it feet first. But the wierd thing is they went  willingly into it as if under some spell – they put up no resistance folks – scarey.


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 2, 2012.

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