I F*ing hate moralist COWARDS! ( get murked on the house – this ones on me yo ) …

Those closeted freaky-deakey MF’S! This country was founded by robbers point blank so this society is criminal in spirit who are we kidding here. The people who rule sh*t are not Buddhist monks or enlightened zen masters  rather, we know this – They are smart AF thought –  touché . Follow me here – this may not be headed where you’re thinking.  What is meant in my entrance then? Keeping it 100 it was for entertainment value ha!

Self-righteous COWARDS !

What on the surface may appear to be misfortune or what may appear favorable at first glace might not be in the end. But self righteous MF who stinks of righteousness don’t get that. And moreover as anyone with basic apprehension (grasp) of string instruments which we are by the way – as all is vibrations ENERGY. When fine tuning – a string wound to tight or too loose will not properly produce sound (uptight – extreme )  . It is the middle way which is the way. These puritanical extremist MF be the main ones advocating the bombing of villages in some place far – far away from the comfort of they’re  lazy boy recliner i.e armchair revolutionary’s.   I just read a poster pinned to the back of this guy’s pickup truck that said – FIRE OBAMA lol.

Now wtf , my only interest in politics is peeping game ( rhetorical acumen ) – I play to win as most here. But that sh*t was comical AF to me as this peon in a dusty ford ranger is seeking attention – this is not hell?  A trillion synapses fired in my dome then I’m like eureka at them bitchez  ! If you read about my recent “festivities” on the plantation I can make some parallels. My only one question is – would that duck in the truck say that  sh*t to the president’s face ( you should be fired )  – doubtful!!! He likely would be humble AF. My point exactly my kin – through and through…

These righteous MF aren’t really bout it like in my case not a one steeped to me on some you should have been fired sh*t . If they thought that I was guilty in they’re heart of hearts they believed the groundless sensational sh*t being circulated by my foes. I notice the pussyfooting body language like I give a F but no one tired to stone me.  You see the self righteous more often hide behind the shield of  moral superiority – seeing themselves as good. Though  it is never – NEVER on display where it can be challenged – f*ing cowards ! STEP UP ( get murked on the house ) …


–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 4, 2012.

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