I slipped (real bad) …

So a few months back my kin my comrade – I mean really a comrade a friend closer than a brother linked me with the perfect woman for me. We connected it was cosmic I was thankful AF that EXACTLY the woman I was looking for and felt that I deserved was feeling me the universe is auspicious. FASTFORWARD why aren’t we building still how did that connection fade.



Trying to play it all cool backfired – I don’t know what the F was wrong with me. Actually I started thinking too F*ing much. About what if’s. What if the way I feel now for her I don’t feel tomorrow? And  what if she leaves me. I sabotaged the perfect sh*t .


But trust me I’m doing rituals to get her back lol my peeps clowns me about it but it works!  I’ve written on the subject here before.  What’s done is I just wish her wellbeing i.e. happiness. That’s all you say ? Think about it.  Usually we want something we need something are in a taking frame when we think of the other. But what if we decided to be giving wouldn’t that be powerful AF.

We know that all things are related that thought are things – to energy tantamount. Well you’re cooking up some sh*t energetically directing it at a certain person – you think that person can’t feel that?  They do, and who ignores feelings of wellbeing being beamed directly at them on a daily – answer, NO ONE.  If your reading this (Spiritual G) please call me – SALUTE!


All is 1


–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 4, 2012.

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