murk yourself ( more self improvement techniques ) …

Hold yall breathe I told yall death control yall big don’t fold yall  –  Biggie Smallz

The outgoing breathe summons the life force while the in coming breathe is death! If you will notice when you have been startled or caught off guard i.e. shook – you reflexively breathe in. You “brace for death” and at once you hold on to life – you piss your pants but that’s just cowardice another story. If you will try this technique with your life and even in exercise routines you will see firsthand the power of letting go – breathing out from the “not tensed” but relaxed stomach. Your body will automatically take in air you don’t have to do it –  just keep breathing out to murk yourself – and so dispense with all fears. You’re not going to kill yourself – try it – it might feel like drowning that’s the right way – murk yourself!  

When I’m doing weighted lounges in landing on the forward foot I keep breathing out. I have had difficulties getting my left foot strong as my right and as flexible due to a a running injury – now FINALLY I have corrected that! In the past I would be mad tense landing on my left foot with the weighted lunge now by breathing out rapidly in secession on impact i’m telling myself what ever happens – happens letting go of my life and thus gaining – EPIC .  People think talk like this is esoteric nonsense but they don’t try the simple methods. We don’t even observe the changes in the body when we are in certain situations so we never learn – we think “things just happen to us” such as anger. What if you could hijack any mood  and direct it – I call it drinking from the abyss. We never observe the way the body responds to things why is it ?

There are methods to control the energy being produced in these chances we can become acquainted with that have been known for centuries. In the western world we are now waking up to this those who are sensible wish to learn. IN America we have conforts but no peace – we have water beds but can’t get good nights sleep owing to depression.   Pills are only a way  of controlling the masses and the legal drug pushers clock more figures than the illegal ( billions ) so go figure But once again ladies and gentleman right knowledge is everywhere. You can become knowledgeable with nothing. Books can be purchased second hand for sometimes less than a dollar. And I sometimes discover that people are donating powerful books to goodwill stores perhaps in a unconscious attempt to empower the disadvantaged (right knowledge is power) . SALUTE !


–          ST 


He ( or she ) who seeks to live shall die – and he who seeks to die shall live! – PARADOX



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 4, 2012.

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