Spanish Chic YES from SPAIN

You know the drilly – cashier chic very friendly and your trying to ascertain if its indiscriminant. Well today she yells compadre and why would I respond – its basic that you never immediate respond to anyone yelling to get your attention. Compadre literally means godfather in Spanish so game on. Shes next in line after me at the checkout – she slaps my hat to get my attention I say – keeping warm. Shes like yes in that special way. I smoothly tell the kat ringing up my energy bars she’s going to pay lol. Shes like IF I get her a hat like mine she would pay .  I’m like this is vintage, from the 70’s so its doubtful. It’s a black power kangol I got from my late uncle RIP SALUTE .

Anyway I’m intrigued, she’s liberally a 7 but her personality makes her a 10 +. Peculiar aint it – how  it goes down – but since ultimately we are spiritual beings in flesh wrapping we are looking for that deeper connection in the end anyway. That’s why no matter how fine a chic is if her mind and right she may be allowed to wild up to a point but beauty fades spirit don’t – it roves from life to life.  I’m going to file this under developing story’s. SALUTE


–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 4, 2012.

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