THREE F’s ( bad on report card good with woman ) …

Really its 2 F’s & a P but “for meme sake” spell philosophy with an F this once ( appreciated ) .



These subjects really catch the attention of the ladies – and these are not my words. This is ancient knowledge my kin from Osho’s “The Book of Secrets” I am from the school of “spiritual gangstaizm” so in keeping I offer these things with my own distinction. Peep game – as more woman are sexually frustrated i.e. not being satisfied in the sex act i.e. getting ran through .They mostly get pleasure from the physical act of eating.


Sex & food are deeply related as they both bring about satisfaction – well again, “in theory” THEY SHOULD (right ladies?).  Today we eat when there is no appetite and sex people whose name we hardly can recall  – so go figure.  Anyway peep game my kin. Women are aroused by these conversations as a natural extension of sustaining life (mother earth). And because food is the first medicine it is natural for woman to be interested in its properties and of course in its delights. Through diet a pregnant mother nourishes a new life form into existence – so we can see why food game gets you places with the ladies.


Woman are interested in talking about family obviously because it is she who gives birth to children – and mothers are the first teachers of the child as men generally we have only a notion to what extent, family life plays a part in the well being of many – many women .  As we come and go as we please in and out of family affairs but woman are nurturers of the family so chopping it up with your lady friend about her fam will make you stand out all the more so – from the dross of thirsty kats with no proper knowledge base trying to beg they’re way into the panties and thus be subjugated lol .


Everyone – people as a whole don’t like to perceive they’re intelligence being played on i.e. taken for a sucker. A lot of difficulties we may be having with woman is this – a lack of sensitivity to this fact and they strike back at our ego’s – rightfully so. We presuppose many things about woman in that vein, that we are naturally the smarter – we emit that sh*t and think they don’t key in on it? Woman are most perceptive so fam chop it us with her about deep things, philosophize with her and talk poli-ticsTRICKS even  astrology ( if you can stomach it lol ) those subjects on first notion you may judge as “over her head”  – not a good look – make her feel smart due and your in – bet that!


–          ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 4, 2012.

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