another I “love” america post ? (walk with me ) …

Was imparting  this with my niece today as we  headed for the bus stop or was it yesterday or the day before cant remember. But its important to be knowledgeable in this country I remarked  . And the beautiful thing about it is that knowledge is virtually free in this place – real spit!

Second hand books and goodwill make it possible to obtain powerful knowledge for next to nothing. All that is required is you applying yourself. I know, I too never thought I would use such phrases as “applying yourself” they are synonymous with boring lectures – I know – I know…. You may say thats pie in the sky ST amerikkka is the belly of the beast. I will reply with a existential reply. Isn’t the human body a furnace ? The moment we are born we are in decline nearing  death isn’t it ?  What can be done ? One simply does the best they can while they are living.

Conversely – america by no means is perfect nothing is including myself – yet the ideal is moving towards correctness if you will – so as I drink this wheat grass smoothe and enjoy the fresh winter breeze I can only give thanks and be contented in the way things are – walk with me !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 8, 2012.

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