live from the plantation …

.. so today I enter the battle field i.e. the office and the vibes are F*ED up . Most people are fickle AF on the plantation – one day they speak and the next they on some next ish. As my uncle says as his mantra don’t waste your time trying to figure it. I keep it moving as I am not a “joiner” – you can’t make me feel like an outsider with your simulated happiness. These mother F’s PRETEND to be having a blast on some don’t you wish you could join in – well you have to be initiated into slavery type ish – I pass ! And moreover who in the hell thinks plantation life is “fun” – what part of the game is that ? I mean I would have to be a real stupid MF not to recognize game from dam near the star  constellation Lyra my kin. I’m about to send this written statement to the dean and get this ape murked ASAP 

– ST 

signing off 


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 9, 2012.

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