live from the plantation …

my time is worth more than this … THE END

Today when I am freed i’m going to work in the lab on a new project

Which reminds me – I promised my aunt I would transport photos from her ipad to adobe lightroom then convert them from raw to jpeg to be developed. Its amazing the first day back on the plantation your full of vitality and vigor then you get sort of swept up by the undertow of negative vibe that permeates. You tell yourself I have a full proof game plan to get through the day seamlessly unperturbed. But what can not be over looks is the fact that you rather be doing other things. So in essence your wasting your time doing things that are far below your potential or even interest  . That’s enough of a foothold to get one “on the level” with the other slaves no matter how in the clouds we were before we “clocked in” …

Seeing this situation it is not going to be possible to make it on the plantation indefinitely. I totally see why people are willing slaves- they simply accept they’re lot . As a means of self preservation – coping mechanism. Because sooner or later one unconsciously create a situation that will force them to confront the inevitable clash between slaves of all gradations.  SALUTE !


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 13, 2012.

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